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Infections in the jawbone you cannot feel causes sickness & death...

Infections in the jawbone you cannot feel causes sickness & death...

This saved Alan Youngblood’s life, He was dying and did not know he had an infected Root canal he had done over 40 years ago…
He contacted:
Dr. Wendell Robertson, DDS 
Who is connected to Fred Hughes in North Carolina -


The vast majority of the ground breaking dental research carried out and published by Dr Weston A Price, DDS, is still mostly unknown by both the medical and dental profession. The particular research relating to root canals, has been suppressed due to its implications of the damaging effects of this extremely prevalent and profitable procedure. Millions of dollars are spent each year for endodontists to do root canals on supposedly dead or dying teeth. In some cases the tooth is in fact dead or dying and in other cases, as with many types of surgery, the tooth was actually healthy and should have been left alone. Regardless of this particular issue, Dr. Price believed, researched, and both proved and published, that these dental procedures are not able to seal off the dental tubules in the dead tooth. He further proved that bacteria are then able to grow and thrive inside these hundreds of miles of tubules. As with animals, bacteria produce toxic waste by products while they grow and reproduce. Since a root canalled tooth is dead and therefore no longer has a blood supply, the body is unable to get any of its immune fighting cells into the area to kill the bacteria. These untouchable bacteria simply live and produce toxins, totally unnoticed, for years or even decades. The toxic substance they produce however, can cause neurological conditions, pain syndromes, or depress immune function enough that the body may develop a cancer at some distant sight. (Book: Am I Dead? or do I just feel like it)

Mouth-Body Connection Proven Using Thermal Imaging
After reading author, Fred Hughes' book, "Am I Dead Or Do I Just Feel Like It?", last year, I made the trip to Proven Health Management in North Carolina to have a full body thermal imaging scan done as well as a number of different systems and organs tests, and blood and urine analysis.
Having had my wisdom teeth extracted about 10 years by an oral surgeon using the ADA recommended methods, I knew based on the research done by Dr. Robert Dowling, a bio-scientist, I was a prime candidate for oral cavitations. Cavitations being infections in the jawbone caused by incomplete tooth extractions, root canals, crowns, caps and sometimes trauma to the mouth (like an accident) that does damage to the root of a tooth.
Based on what I've read, Dr. Dowlings' research has proven that cavitations produce neurotoxins which travel trough the central nervous system and lymphatic system and cause disease in other parts of the body. My thermal imaging scans revealed that I had inflammation/infection in my mouth that was traveling from both sides of my mouth up into my sinus cavity and down both sides of my neck and concentrating in my left breast area…

The thermal imaging scanner needs an expert to detect if you have an infection...

Fred Hughes' has a New book coming out in 2013 Feb.

Fred Hughes told me about 95% of diseases are connected to an infection from the mouth.

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