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Proof that the USA is Controlled by Foreign Corporations...United States is a FOREIGN Corporation...

One of the greatest tricks that the New World Order (NWO) did to enslave the people of the world was to secretly create a corporate version of counties, cities, states, and countries. By doing this, the leaders of the NWO and their minions were able to trick us to unknowingly agree to be “agents” or “employees” of these corporations through the use of fraudulent contracts (i.e., birth certificate, social security card, driver’s license).

The information in this article is more focused on the USA, because I am more familiar with the so called laws in the USA and the U.S. legal system. If you do not live in the USA, you should still read this article for the reason that the same legal system that has enslaved Americans is the same legal system that has enslaved most people of the world.

The “laws” in the USA are not really laws; instead, they are acts and statutes of the United States, Incorporated. In other words, they are rules of a corporation. Like any corporation (i.e., Walmart, Target), you are NOT bound to the rules (acts and statutes) of the United States, Inc. unless you agree to be a citizen (“employee”) of this corporation. The only laws you (the natural living, breathing person) are bound to are the Laws of Nature.

Did You Know the United States is a FOREIGN Corporation?

Before I reveal the three different types of citizenship (citizen-ship or citizen of a ship) of the “United States”, I need to explain to you what the United States is, so that you know it is NOT a country. When the U.S. government refers to the United States, 99 percent of the time it is referring to the corporation known as the United States, Inc.

Some people claimed that the United States, Inc. was sold in 2013 and is now known as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. I have not found evidence to back up this claim, so I do not know if it is true. Be aware that the name of this corporation is written in ALL CAPS. If you know how the legal system works, you should know that when a name is written in all caps, it can change the meaning of that name.

For example, in legal terms “the United States of America” is not the same as “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”. The purpose of this is to trick you to think that they are the same thing. This process also applies to your legal name. The content in block quotation below will explain this process further. It is extracted from my fourth seminar titled Word Magic and the Power of Words.
In commerce, when you see a name written in all capital letters, it is a corporate name or a legal name, which is a corporation. The legal name plays a significant role in your life, because it is used by the government to identify the corporate you. Whenever you receive a government document issued to you, 99 percent of the time your legal name on the document is written in all caps. This is why your legal name on your driver’s license, social security card, and birth certificate is written in all caps.
The process that allows the government to legally claim you as a corporation involves the creation of a fictional you, which is the name written in all CAPITAL LETTERS, and then tricking you to agree to be that artificial person or legal name. This legal name was created shortly after you were born and was recorded on a bond. This bond that represents the date of your birth is known as your birth certificate.

The birth certificate is actually a certificate of debt slavery which is why it is recorded on a defines bond as, “a contract by specialty to pay a certain sum of money; being a deed or instrument under seal, by which the maker or obligor promises, and thereto binds himself, his heirs, executors, and administrators, to pay a designated sum of money to another.”

Your legal name, which is used to identify you (the body of water or liquid), is written in all capital letters because it is a piece of liquidated capital or “cap-it-all.” In other words, it has been securitized and turned into a financial instrument. Hence, the term “liquidated capital.”

To liquidate something is to sell it off entirely, or sell it to pay off a debt. It is called liquidated capital because you, the person who has been securitized, were born in the womb of your mother, which was mostly made of water (liquid). You are also mostly made of water. Because you are mostly made of liquid and have been securitized, you are considered liquidated capital.

The purpose of liquidating you is to turn you into “capital money.” The word capital comes from the Latin word capitalis, which means “of the head,” hence “capital, chief, first.” It also comes from another Latin word caput, which translates to English as “head.”

When you really think about this process, you should know that the process of turning you intocapital money or liquidated capital is their way of saying that you have a “bounty on your head.” Your birth certificate is the bond with your all caps legal name written on it, and therefore it is the financial document that has the value of the bounty on your head. This is why your birth certificate is traded on the stock market.

By now you should know that the United States is a corporation. If you want proof of this, look at subsections 15 and 15(A) in Title 28 U.S. Code § 3002 and you should see this sentence, ““United States” means— (A) a Federal corporation”.

What most people do not know about the United States, Inc. is that it is a FOREIGN corporation. Anyone who works for this foreign corporation is a foreign agent and is unknowingly or knowingly committing fraud against the American people. It is no different than what the agents of the British Empire did to the American people back in the 1700s.

To be more specific, the politicians working in Washington D.C. and nearly every politician, judge, attorney, police officer, and government agent working throughout the USA are FOREIGN agents. Because these government employees are foreign agents, DO NOT VOTE for any of them to represent you in office, including the president. If you do vote for them, you are committing TREASON against the Republic for the United States of America (the 50 union states).

Whether these foreign agents realize it or not, they are conspiring or helping the NWO and the Vatican to enslave the American people. As Americans, we have lost control of our government over a century ago. This is what happens to a nation when its people become ignorant, take freedom for granted, ignore the actions of politicians, and do not study their history.

The Three Different Forms of the “United States” and the Three Different Types of U.S. Citizenship

According to the book titled You Know Something Is Wrong When….. “An American Affidavit of Probable Cause,” the three different forms of the United States are the Continental United States, the Federal United States, and the Corporate United States.

1. The Continental United States

In the book titled You Know Something Is Wrong When….. “An American Affidavit of Probable Cause,” it says that the Continental United States is “composed of now 50 geographically defined states and their living inhabitants. Each such state is a sovereign nation with jurisdiction of the air, land, and sea associated with it. Those born within the borders of these states are American State Citizens by birthright, having all the guarantees of The Constitution, and all their Natural Rights intact.” They are also known as American Nationals.

In Title 8 U.S. Code § 1101 subsection (b)(iii)(M)(38), it says “The term “United States”, except as otherwise specifically herein provided, when used in a geographical sense, means the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands of the United States, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.”

Be aware that the information in Title 8 U.S. Code § 1101 subsection (b)(iii)(M)(38), uses the lowercase “c” in the term “continental United States”. In the book titled You Know Something Is Wrong When….. “An American Affidavit of Probable Cause,” it uses the uppercase “C” in the term “Continental United States”. When it comes to the legal system, a word spelled with a lowercase or an uppercase letter at the beginning of it can significantly change the meaning of that word. For this reason, both of the sources may be referring to two different “United States”.

In Title 8 CFR 215.1 subsection (f), it says “The term continental United States means the District of Columbia and the several States, except Alaska and Hawaii.” This sentence has the lowercase “c” in the term “continental United States”, so it is referring to the District of Columbia, also known as Washington D.C.

What you need to know about Washington D.C. is that it is a foreign city-state run by the Congress as an oligarchy. Washington D.C. was founded by a powerful masonic secret society called the Colombians. Hence the term “District of Columbia“.

2. The Federal United States

The Federal United States is made up of 50 “Federal States” plus seven physical states, which are often thought of as federal territories, making a total of 57 Federal States. The 50 Federal States are fictitious entities because they exist only in our minds and on paper.

The 57 Federal States are inhabited by United States Citizens and all the people born in Guam, Puerto Rico, and other Insular States, plus military employees, federal civilian, African Americans, political asylum seekers, and welfare recipients.

The Federal United States is a Democracy operating under the international Jurisdiction of the Sea (Admiralty Law). Be aware that the Democracy (the Federal United States) is not the same as the original USA, which is known as the Republic for the United States of America.

United States Citizens are statutory citizens and therefore they are artificial persons (corporations) that have no rights, only privileges. Because of these things, United States Citizens are bound to the international Jurisdiction of the Sea.

3. The Corporate United States

The Corporate United States (UNITED STATES, INC.) is composed of 185,000 corporations and roughly 390 million corporate U.S. CITIZENS. It is composed of “legal fiction entities”, including but not limited to C corps, S corps, LLC’s, non-profits, foundations, and trusts. The Corporate United States operates similar to any corporation and is one of the largest corporations in the world. It is bigger than Walmart, Target, and McDonald’s combined!

One important thing you need to know about the term “legal fiction entities” is that it means artificial persons. An artificial person is also a corporation, as stated in Black’s Law Dictionary 6th edition. In other words, U.S. CITIZENS are artificial persons or fictitious entities that only exist on paper. All these corporations (i.e., STATES, U.S. CITIZENS) are under the Jurisdiction of the Sea, which is based on Admiralty Law.

Proof that the USA is Controlled by Corporations

The United States is a foreign corporation pretending to represent the country known as the Continental United States or The United States of America (Major), which is a republic and not a democracy. To make matters worse, every county, city, and state has a corporate version of itself. For example, the STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA is not the same as West Virginia State.

The PDF file below shows evidence that the STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA is a corporation. Be aware that this is not only limited to West Virginia. All the 50 states have a corporate version of themselves. This also applies to the cities and counties. To find evidence that your U.S. state is a corporation, visit this websiteand do a search using these words “state of [your state here]”. If you want more specific information, you may need to order a company credit report from a credit report site, such as

If you are having trouble viewing the PDF file below, visit this link.

Do you realize now that the USA is controlled by corporations? Have you ever wondered why the United States has a president and a vice president? Under corporate law, every corporation is required to have a president and a vice president.

The current president (Obama) of the United States is not the president of a country, but is the president of a corporation (United States, Inc.). As a result, he does not need to be born in the USA to be eligible to be president. All the U.S. presidents since George Washington were also presidents of the corporate “United States.”

Proof that Nearly All United States Politicians are Traitors to the American People

The content in block quotation is an excerpt from my second seminar on Natural Law. It contains information that gives us some clue as to why nearly all United States politicians are traitors.

Nearly all politicians in the USA are TREASONISTS, because they swore an oath to a privately owned foreign corporation known as the UNITED STATES INCORPORATED. Washington D.C. or the District of Columbia is also a privately owned foreign corporation. Washington D.C. is NOT part of the USA, just like Vatican City is not part of Italy.

To find the evidence that nearly all politicians in the USA are treasonists, you need to be aware ofTitle 8 U.S. Code § 1481.
Under Title 8 U.S. Code § 1481:
“(a) A person who is a national of the United States whether by birth or naturalization, shall lose his nationality by voluntarily performing any of the following acts with the intention of relinquishing United States nationality—
(2) taking an oath or making an affirmation or other formal declaration of allegiance to a foreign state or a political subdivision thereof, after having attained the age of eighteen years;
(4)(A) accepting, serving in, or performing the duties of any office, post, or employment under the government of a foreign state or a political subdivision thereof, after attaining the age of eighteen years if he has or acquires the nationality of such foreign state;”
In simple terms, once an oath of office is taken by an American citizen, his citizenship is relinquished and thus he becomes a foreign agent. This happens because he swore an oath to the foreign UNITED STATES INCORPORATED and the foreign organization that controls it.

The Four Largest CRIMINAL Corporations in the World

1. The Vatican

The Vatican is the religious center for the New World Order (NWO). Every church in the USA is directly or indirectly controlled by the Vatican, especially Roman Catholic Churches. All churches in the USA are incorporated and therefore they belong to the U.S. federal government. The idea that there is a separation of church and state is a big fat lie!

The Vatican also controls the Crown of England, the Crown Temple, and the court system in the USA. This is why when you go to court, there is always an agent that represents the Crown and a judge wearing a black robe. The black robe uniform is the symbol representing a Jesuit priest.

Nearly every church in the USA and the world has been infiltrated by the Jesuits and the Knights Templar, which is why churches have crosses on their walls and roofs. The cross is the main symbol of the Knights Templar and it has been used by certain secret societies long before the existence of Christianity. In other words, the cross is not really a symbol of Christianity. For strong evidence of these claims, download or view my third seminar and study the information in it.

These secret criminal organizations are the same organizations that the American people in the 1700s fought against to win their independence. The Vatican is in the middle of all this corruption, which is why all roads tend to lead to Rome, home of the Vatican. This criminal corporation is committing crime against humanity in the name of “religion.”

2. The United Nations

The United Nations is a very powerful organization of the NWO and has more authority than the United States. This corporation provides trade, treaty, and negotiation services for its members, and has its own private army.

The main hidden agenda of the United Nations is to unite all nations under a fascist one-world government controlled by the banking elites of Europe and Israel. The name Israel or Is-Ra-El represents the ancient gods Isis, Ra, and El. The United Nations is committing crimes against humanity through unlawful wars in the name of “peacekeeping”.

3. The United States

The United States is a corporation located in Washington D.C., also known as the District of Columbia. Washington D.C. is the military center for the NWO. The United States, Inc. has thousands of franchisees and contractors. One of its major contractors is the military industrial complex.

The United States, Inc. is committing crime against humanity by unlawfully going to war with other countries in the name of “freedom” and “democracy.” What it is actually doing is spreading its franchise throughout the world, similar to Walmart and McDonald’s.

4. The Inner City of London (Westminster)

The inner City of London is the financial center for the NWO. This city-state operates legal and banking services. The banks in the City of London is headed by the Bank of England, which is controlled by the House of Rothschild, an elite Illuminati banking family.

Most money collected from the American taxpayers is sent to the banks in the City of London and then is distributed to other banks affiliated with the NWO. The inner City of London is committing crime against humanity by engineering economic crises and wars, and funding terrorist groups (i.e., ISIS, Al-Qaeda) throughout the world.

It is important to know that many of the people working for these four criminal corporations are good people. The problem is that most of them have no idea that these corporations are fronts for the New World Order, a secret organization composed of certain secret societies.

What Can You Do to Free Humanity?

One of the first steps to free humanity is to educate people about the New World Order and the legal system. When people are educated with the right knowledge, it increases their awareness and expands their consciousness. These things are very important for achieving freedom. A simple way to educate people about the NWO and the legal system is to share this article to as many people as possible.

Take actions to support the brave souls who are exposing the NWO and the legal system. The Team of Hudok, Stalnaker, and Deegan is a great place to start. Dean Clifford, Kurt Kallenbach, and Santos Bonacci are three other brave souls who are doing an excellent job of exposing the NWO and the legal system.

Download or view my second seminar and study the information in it. My second seminar explains what Natural Law is and teaches you about your natural rights. Knowing what your natural rights are is essential for spiritual freedom. My second seminar also exposes the secrets of the legal system and shows you how to defend your rights.

The video below does an excellent job of exposing the fraud of the legal system and the criminal activities of the United States, Inc. A must watch for anyone who wants to learn how to restore humanity’s freedom.


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Two Classes of Citizens (Supreme Court Cases) 14th Amendment Federal citizen and State Citizens...

"Ignorance of the law is no excuse"

December 19th, 2014 - Attorney General Eric Holder has issued an edict, through a memorandum, that cross dressing and transsexualism is now protected under federal civil rights laws which were designed to protect women from sex discrimination. Existing federal law provides no statutory support for treating cross-dressers and transsexuals as the law treats female victims of discrimination.

Two Classes of Citizens (Supreme Court Cases) 

14th Amendment Federal government civil rights citizen (Is a Privilege by the state i.e. Force Licence, Tax, Fees, Permits etc...) 

vs. A State (sovereign) Citizens are endowed by their Creator with unalienable Rights (Rights comes from God vs. A State privilege)...

A Collection of Court Authorities
                            in re
                     Two Classes of Citizens


                Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
            (All Rights Reserved without Prejudice)

Before the 14th amendment [sic] in 1868:

   A citizen of any one of the States of the union,  is held to
   be, and  called a  citizen of  the United  States,  although
   technically and  abstractly there  is no  such  thing.    To
   conceive a citizen of the United States who is not a citizen
   of some  one of  the States, is totally foreign to the idea,
   and inconsistent  with the  proper construction  and  common
   understanding of the expression as used in the Constitution,
   which must  be deduced  from its  various other  provisions.
   The object then to be attained, by the exercise of the power
   of naturalization,  was to  make citizens  of the respective
                          [Ex Parte Knowles, 5 Cal. 300 (1855)]
                                          [bold emphasis added]

   It is true, every person, and every class and description of
   persons, who  were at  the  time  of  the  adoption  of  the
   Constitution recognized  as  citizens in the several States,
   became also  citizens of  this new political body;  but none
   other;   it was  formed by  them,   and for  them and  their
   posterity, but for no one else.  And the personal rights and
   privileges  guarantied   [sic]  to   citizens  of  this  new
   sovereignty  were intended to  embrace  those only  who were
   then members of the several state communities, or who should
   afterwards, by  birthright  or  otherwise,  become  members,
   according to  the provisions  of the  Constitution  and  the
   principles on which it was founded.

              [Dred Scott v. Sandford, 19 How. 393, 404 (1856)]
                                               [emphasis added]

... [F]or  it is  certain, that  in the  sense in  which the word
"Citizen" is  used in  the federal Constitution, "Citizen of each
State," and  "Citizen of  the United  States***," are convertible
terms;   they mean  the same  thing;   for "the  Citizens of each
State are  entitled to  all Privileges and Immunities of Citizens
in the  several States,"  and "Citizens  of the United States***"
are, of course, Citizens of all the United States***.

                   [44 Maine 518 (1859), Hathaway, J. dissenting]
                    [italics in original, underlines & C's added]

   As  it   was  the   adoption  of  the  Constitution  by  the
   Conventions of  nine States that established and created the
   United States***,  it is  obvious  there could not then have
   existed any person who had been seven years a citizen of the
   United  States***,   or  who   possessed  the   Presidential
   qualifications of  being thirty-five years of age, a natural
   born citizen,  and fourteen  years a  resident of the United
   States***.   The United States*** in these provisions, means
   the States  united.  To be twenty-five years of age, and for
   seven years  to have  been a  citizen of  one of  the States
   which  ratifies the Constitution,  is the qualification of a
   representative.   To be a natural born citizen of one of the
   States which  shall ratify  the Constitution,  or  to  be  a
   citizen  of   one  of  said  States  at  the  time  of  such
   ratification, and  to have  attained the  age of thirty-five
   years, and to have been fourteen years a resident within one
   of the  said States,  are the  Presidential  qualifications,
   according to the true meaning of the Constitution.

              [People v. De La Guerra, 40 Cal. 311, 337 (1870)]
                            [bold and underline emphasis added]

After the 14th amendment [sic] in 1868:

It is  quite clear,  then, that  there is  a citizenship  of  the
United States**  and a citizenship of a State, which are distinct
from each  other and  which depend upon different characteristics
or circumstances in the individual.

                              [Slaughter House Cases, 83 U.S. 36]
                                          [(1873) emphasis added]

The  first  clause  of  the  fourteenth  amendment  made  negroes
citizens of  the United  States**, and  citizens of  the State in
which they  reside, and  thereby created two classes of citizens,
one of the United States** and the other of the state.

                             [Cory et al. v. Carter, 48 Ind. 327]
                              [(1874) headnote 8, emphasis added]

We have  in our  political system  a  Government  of  the  United
States** and  a government  of each  of the several States.  Each
one of  these governments  is distinct  from the others, and each
has citizens of its own ....
                                [U.S. v. Cruikshank, 92 U.S. 542]
                                          [(1875) emphasis added]

One may  be a  citizen of  a State  and yet  not a citizen of the
United States.  Thomasson v. State, 15 Ind. 449;  Cory v. Carter,
48 Ind.  327 (17  Am. R. 738);  McCarthy v. Froelke, 63 Ind. 507;
In Re Wehlitz, 16 Wis. 443.
                             [McDonel v. State, 90 Ind. 320, 323]
                                        [(1883) underlines added]

A person who is a citizen of the United States** is necessarily a
citizen of  the particular  state in  which he  resides.   But  a
person may  be a  citizen of a particular state and not a citizen
of the  United States**.   To  hold otherwise would be to deny to
the state  the highest  exercise of its sovereignty, -- the right
to declare who are its citizens.
                               [State v. Fowler, 41 La. Ann. 380]
                                [6 S. 602 (1889), emphasis added]

The first  clause of  the fourteenth  amendment  of  the  federal
Constitution made  negroes citizens  of the  United States**, and
citizens of  the state  in which they reside, and thereby created
two classes of citizens, one of the United States** and the other
of the state.
                              [4 Dec. Dig. '06, p. 1197, sec. 11]
                              ["Citizens" (1906), emphasis added]

There are,  then, under  our republican  form of  government, two
classes of  citizens, one  of the  United States** and one of the
state.  One class of  citizenship may  exist in a person, without
the other,  as in  the case  of a  resident of  the  District  of
Columbia;  but both classes usually exist in the same person.

                   [Gardina v. Board of Registrars, 160 Ala. 155]
                          [48 S. 788, 791 (1909), emphasis added]

There is a distinction between citizenship of the United States**
and citizenship  of a  particular state,  and a person may be the
former without being the latter.
                               [Alla v. Kornfeld, 84 F.Supp. 823]
                              [(1949) headnote 5, emphasis added]

A person  may be  a citizen of the United States** and yet be not
identified or identifiable as a citizen of any particular state.

                                         [Du Vernay v. Ledbetter]
                                   [61 So.2d 573, emphasis added]

... citizens  of the  District of  Columbia were  not granted the
privilege of  litigating in  the federal  courts on the ground of
diversity of  citizenship.   Possibly no  better reason  for this
fact exists  than  such citizens were  not  thought of  when  the
judiciary article  [III] of the federal Constitution was drafted.
... citizens of the United States** ... were also not thought of;
but in  any event  a citizen of the United States**, who is not a
citizen of any state, is not within the language of the [federal]
                            [Pannill v. Roanoke, 252 F. 910, 914]
                                                 [emphasis added]

                             #  #  #

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