Saturday, March 20, 2021

666 Step One: Covid-19 Vaccine - Step Two: Mark of the Beast Chip ...


666 Step One: Covid-19 Vaccine Step Two: Mark of the Beast Chip ...


Silk/polyols/GOD microneedle based electrochemical biosensor for continuous glucose monitoring!divAbstract



Shot in the Dark _ Dr. Sherri Tenpenny mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine IS “the MARK” (THIS IS STEP ONE)



China issues ‘world first’ Covid vaccine passport and plans to accept other countries’ passes in boost for travel

In a boost to international travel, Beijing also plans to accept other countries' vaccine health certificates being used by passengers.

The QR code-based digital certificate will "promote world economic recovery and facilitate cross-border travel," a Foreign Ministry spokesman said today.



Gates aiding Communist China in harvesting DNA of Americans to build race-specific BIOWEAPONS

A stunning development covered by The National Pulse reveals that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation helped fund a communist Chinese military front company that used “covid testing” as a ruse to surreptitiously harvest the DNA of Americans.

This CCP front company was also exposed by 60 Minutes. The name of the CCP front company is BGI Genomics. As The National Pulse explains, “The Gates Foundation has also funded BGI projects relating to genome sequencing alongside Chinese Communist Party bodies such as the Ministry of Science and Technology and Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Similarly, Dr. Tadataka Yamada, the former president of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s global health program, serves as the Chairman of BGI’s Scientific Advisory Board.”

Why would the CCP want to harvest the DNA of Americans?

China, in other words, likely wants to use harvested DNA to build race-specific bioweapons to be unleashed against the United States of America.



Reuters Poll: Americans support restricting unvaccinated people from offices, travel

Mar. 1st – Vaccine Depopulation weapons and the GOP’s pro-vaccine stance against humanity

It’s about time we stated the obvious: The GOP is all-in with the vaccine industry, even knowing that mRNA vaccines are euthanasia shots designed to carry out genocide on a global scale.

With Trump touting his “success” with vaccines during his CPAC speech yesterday, it’s abundantly clear the GOP is now pro-genocide, just like the Dems. No political party values human life anymore, and everyone in the swamp has signed up for the mass killing of billions of human beings.

The Dems carry out mass killings via abortion, calling it “women’s health.” The GOP carries out mass killings via vaccines, calling it “public health.”

It’s the same policy, and it’s all rooted in Satanism, destruction and evil intent.


China Demands to be in Charge of Global ‘Vaccine Passport’ System

10 Mar 2021 - On Tuesday, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) publicly petitioned for the World Health Organization (WHO) to let the Chinese government take charge of a proposed “vaccine passport” system for the entire world in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic that China started, as reported by Breitbart.