Saturday, September 8, 2018

666 & IMAGE of the Beast


(will A.I. become the IMAGE of the BEAST?)

Creepy AI by China's Baidu can accurately mimic your voice after listening to it for just ONE MINUTE

China says it's on track to launch its dystopian scorecard system that ranks citizens on every aspect of their behaviour by 2020
  • The system has already completed several successful trials across China
  • It is bolstered by a network of 200 million AI-powered surveillance cameras
  • Citizens' ratings are boosted by buying Chinese goods and community service
  • Your score is knocked down for fraud, tax evasion or criticising the government

Steve Forbes Open Letter To Mark Zuckerberg
CALL the NEW CURRENCY “Mark.” (of the Beast)
you might consider changing the Libra’s name. The “Libra” was a measure of weight from the Roman Empire, and we know where that ended up. Don’t be bashful; call it the “Mark.” Germany ditched its mark—which it had been using since it created it after WWII—for the euro 20 years ago, so the name is up for grabs.
A gold-backed Mark would be a transformative move in the history of money. It would blow bitcoin out of the water and would generate an enthusiastic “Like” from billions of businesses and people, now and forever.
Sincerely, Steve Forbes