Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Boston Bombing Naked Man Looks Like Tamerlan Tsarnaev?

Boston Bombing Naked Man Looks Like Tamerlan Tsarnaev?

                                                                                          Tamerlan Tsarnaev

Business Insider - Apr. 22, 2013
| The Watertown police department got back to us via email just to say that the naked man was not Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

New Pictures Purport To Show Tsarnaev Brothers Engaged In Firefight With Police
Infowars.com -- April 23, 2013 - 
 Kitzenberg, the man who took several photos of the shootout, does not mention anyone running over the suspect at all.

Doctors at the hospital where Tamerlan Tsarnaev was taken
said that they did not see any wounds on his body that were consistent with being run over by a vehicle.

This does not jive with descriptions of him being run over at high speed and dragged 30 feet down the street.
For many, this will raise even more questions, especially in light of the video of the naked man who looks very much like Tamerlan being apprehended unharmed at the scene and escorted to a police car…does not jive whether he drove over his older brother in his attempt to get away, as police and the FBI are now claiming.
 Boston Suspect May Never Speak Again (how convenient)

Monday Apr 22, 2013 - The director of the hospital treating a Boston bombings suspect says he has been severely wounded and may never be able to speak again.

Bloomberg Says Interpretation of Constitution Will ‘Have to Change’ After Boston Bombing
4-22-2013 - In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Monday the country’s interpretation of the Constitution will “have to change” to allow for greater security to stave off future attacks.


Sandy Hook Cops at Boston Bombing
- Same 3 guys at Sandy Hook (police) that were there in Boston in Blackwater?
 They are even aligned the same as in the Sandy Hook Interview. Unless they all have twin brothers – How they could be at both the Sandy hook event and at the Boston Bombing, unless there is a connection."
 PROOF Sandy Hook Cops at Boston Bombing (Why?) 
CBS  in video:

                                 on CBS

They are even aligned the same as in the Sandy Hook Interview. Unless they all have twin brothers – How they could be at both the Sandy hook event and at the Boston Bombing, unless there is a connection."
 FBI Ignores Men With Backpacks At Scene of Boston Bombings 180413seals2

Top photo:

Comment: Having lived in LA I worked on a movie Set this is a simple technique used when you want to create the illusion of getting hit by a cloud of dirt, they fold the dust in towels and flick it to create a dust cloud to coat the actor, don't listen to the lies, there isn't enough dust on the street to coat people like what you saw, they are on concrete not standing in a dusty field a cloud of smoke wont get you that dirty.

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